Why Wilderness?

Nature is holy. Nature allows us to be open to the sacred and mysterious force of life in all its glory. In every dew drop, snowflake, or sunrise we see that which is timeless and boundless, inviting us to know the deeper truths of life. Nature has no pretense or judgment. This reminds us that all parts of the cycle of life are perfect, powerful, and beautiful—yet, not personal. We are shown an unconditional acceptance and grace, allowing us to express our authenticity. Nature is the ultimate creator, giving regardless of our awareness, actions, or beliefs.

“Creation is the primary and most perfect revelation of the Divine.” —Thomas Aquinas

In witnessing nature’s gifts, we see the beauty of every rock, tree, and creature. We acknowledge the life energy that each of us share and begin to feel the connection between all of life. Nature continually invites us into relationship, giving us the opportunity to know life in a deeper way. In communing with all of life, we are giving and receiving in every moment, opening our hearts to love. Thus, the wilderness is our mother, teacher, and co-guide. This loving presence is what holds us as we continue on the journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love.

What About Truth?

Our passion for Truth is manifested in a commitment to authenticity, both with ourselves and with others. At SoulTerra, we are committed to speaking truth, walking our talk, honoring the uniqueness of each being, along with the oneness of all creation. Deep listening while in nature allows for easier access to one’s truth and therefore increases self-awareness.

It's All About Love!

Ilia Delio shares our philosophy beautifully, “Every human person desires to love and to be loved, to belong to another, because we come from another. We are born social and relational. We yearn to belong, to be part of a larger whole that includes not only friends and family, but neighbors, community, trees, flowers, sun, earth, stars. We are born of nature and are part of nature . . . We belong to one another because we have the same source of love; the love that flows through the trees is the same love that flows through my being . . . We are deeply connected in this flow of love, beginning on the level of nature where we are the closest of kin because the earth is our mother.”

We have to look deeply at things in order to see. When a swimmer enjoys the clear water of the river, he or she should also be able to be the river…

—Thich Nhat Hanh